ADO.NET and System.Xml v 2.0 - the Beta Version

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Outline Table of Contents

Chapter 1: New Concepts in Data Access 1

The Evolution of Data Management in .NET

About the .NET Version 2.0 Beta Release

New Concepts in Version 2.0

A Summary of New Features in ADO.NET and System.Xml

New Data Source Controls and Data Binding Features in ASP.NET

Chapter 2: ADO.NET Data Management Enhancements

Expanded and Improved Data Access Features in ADO.NET

Asynchronous Command Execution

ADO.NET Promotable Transactions

ADO.NET Batched Updates

Bulk Data Copying in ADO.NET

Chapter 3: Provider Factories, Schema Discovery, and Security

Provider Factories

The DbConnectionStringBuilder Class

The Schema Discovery API

Security and Permissions

Retrieving Connection Statistics

ADO.NET 2.0 Performance Counters

Chapter 4: The DataSet and DataTable Classes

Scenarios for the DataSet and DataTable Classes

DataSet Performance Improvements

New Features of the DataSet

The Stand-Alone DataTable Class

Visual Studio 2005 DataSet Designer

Chapter 5: ADO.NET and SQL Server 2005

Multiple Active Results Sets

SQL Server Query Notifications

SQL Server User-Defined Types

Chapter 6: SQL Server 2005 CLR Hosting

Scenarios for the SQL Server CLR

The In-Process Data Provider in the Beta 2 Release

Examples of the In-Process Data Provider

Using the ADO.NET Classes in the SQL Server CLR

Chapter 7: XML in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server as an XML Database

Accessing the xml Data Type from ADO.NET

Using the XML Classes in the SQL Server CLR

Chapter 8: XML in the .NET Framework

The Growing Importance of XML

Why You Need XML

System.Xml Version 1.x

XML as a Universal Data Access Technology

What’s New in System.Xml Version 2.0?

XML Support in Visual Studio 2005

A Brief Overview of XQuery

Chapter 9: Reading and Writing XML

Scenarios for the XmlReader and XmlWriter

The XmlReader Class in Version 2.0 of System.Xml

Using the XmlReaderSettings-Created XmlReader

Reading Typed XML

Methods for Usability and Streaming Content

An Overview of the XmlWriter Class

The XmlWriter Class in Version 2.0 of System.Xml

Combining the XmlReader and XmlWriter Classes

Using the XmlResolver to Access Data Sources

Security and XML

Inferring an XML Schema from an XML Document

Chapter 10: XML Serialization Enhancements

Pre-generation of Serialization Assemblies

Full Support for IXmlSerializable

Schema Importer Extensions

Chapter 11: XML Document Stores

Scenarios for Working with XML Stores

Using the XmlDocument Class

Limitations of the XML DOM

Design Guidelines for Exposing XML from Your Classes

The XPathNavigator with the Cursor-Editing Model

Using the XPathNavigator for Editing

Working with Typed XML Using the XPathNavigator

XML Schema Validation and the XmlDocument Class

Data Transfer Methods on the XPathNavigator

XPath 1.0 Querying

Chapter 12: Transforming XML Documents

Scenarios for XSLT

The XslCompiledTransform Class

Script, Input Parameters, and Extension Objects in XSLT

Security and XSLT

XSLT Performance Comparison