Who Are Dave and Al?

A Tale of Two Authors - The Plot Thickens

After several years of bluffing their way through the dizzying world of bleeding-edge Web development technologies, Dave and Al have settled into a reasonably steady routine. The increase in the use of optical pointing devices has meant that Al has had to give up his part-time job cleaning mouse balls, and instead concentrate on his rhubarb patch. Meanwhile, Dave has finally found a house large enough for his hi-fi system and growing collection of guitars.
They've also seamlessly adapted to a life of jetting around the world in the doubtful luxury of "traveller class", with regular visits to Bill's little plot in Redmond and to conferences in exotic locations around the world. It's amazing how you can actually become a connoisseur of airline food after a while, as well as suffering 24 x 7 x 365 jetlag (well, it's a good excuse, anyway). It's just a shame that the budget often doesn't stretch to a plush limousine as well...
As far as books go, Al and Dave also decided to have a go at broadening their market appeal. If Douglas Adams managed to sell 14 million books during his lifetime, why can't they? However, rather than take the plunge directly, they plan to start gradually by combining books about ASP.NET with detective novels. After all, there's no point in taking wild chances - just gently woo the readers, and take them along with you.

Their first foray into this field, "ASP.NET Distributed Data Applications", turned out to contain a disappointingly high proportion of useful technical content, but no doubt they'll iron that out over time. Look out for "The Web Site Crack'd From Too Much Traffic" and "The 39 Steps To Data Management" - coming to a book store near you some time in the future (possibly). Other title suggestions can be sent to them at daveandal@blackwell-internet.com.
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